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Smokin' Yogi Visions Team

At SMOKIN’ YOGI, we believe that true, inner passion for life becomes manifest in all outer areas of an individual’s life. SMOKIN’ YOGI benefits by encouraging all associates to create and live with passion for their art. We believe in creating work that consciously spreads healing and allows ground-breaking ideas, in both art and commerce, to surface. Among our passionate creatives are:


Julie Rappaport

Julie believes healing comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from stories. Stories can be told, heard, experienced, seen, sung, danced... interpreted from many perspectives and realized in different ways. Julie performs, writes, directs, produces, markets and distributes her own and others’ stories that offer healing with new knowledge, and therefore, new perspective.
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Lee Liberman

Lee’s extensive background in business offers an expert perspective on contracts, negotiations and management. While Lee is not a therapist, Dear Abby should definitely make room for him!

Cristina Córdova

Unit Production Manager
Cristina left her post as editor of The Rake magazine to come work for Smokin' Yogi. Best known as co-creator of the ground-breaking web-series, Chasing Windmills, she has gone on to do commercial video work and is currently working on her own feature film, The System.

Cristina brings intellect and curiosity to the table and will lead Abnormally Normal's production team.


Molly Worre

Associate Producer
Molly Worre is an award-winning local Independent filmmaker who started her career as a Script Supervisor working on numerous feature films, shorts, and commercials, such as Nobody, Holiday Beach, Horrible Flowers, and Arnold’s Park. In 2007 she began producing and now is the Producer for Smokin’ Yogi Visions.



Cheri Anderson

Production Designer
Cheri's calling to the arts is expressed in various ways. She is a visual artist with an interest in creating multi-dimensional work that explores the concept of transition. Cheri doesn't mind getting her hands dirty - she loves to work along with her crew to achieve the perfect look. Cheri has designed horror movies, thrillers, a 60's-based period piece, a rock band "road" film, and fantasy- and reality-based films. To see some of her work visit

“I love the energy of filmmaking and the immense amounts of technical and creative talent coming together to produce a work of art,” Cheri says when asked why she chose the film industry.


Jane Barnes

Producer's Assistant
Jane is creating a documentary, "A Fearless Weapon," based on Julie's thesis of "The Healing of Suffering". Jane has 14 hours of interviews Julie made in India in 2005 to sift through. We're so excited to see what she comes up with.

Jane met Julie while door knocking in a blizzard for a human rights organization. When Julie asked why she was out in such horrid weather, Jane replied, "It's important." A year later, Jane started interning for Smokin' Yogi, and was offered a job shortly after. Jane attended MCTC for both Filmmaking and Screenwriting.

Join Our Team

Smokin’ Yogi is always on the lookout for determined and hardworking individuals with a strong interest in art and business.

We are currently interviewing for key positions and auditioning for ABNORMALLY NORMAL'S first season!

Smokin' Yogi is accepting resumes for the following:

  • Directors
  • Publicist
  • Talent
  • Crew

Send resumes to info(at)smokinyogi(dot)com. Other positions will be called for soon, so get your resume and reels ready!

Intern With Our Team

Interns at SMOKIN’ YOGI receive incomparable experience in the fast-paced world of production—bringing art to life and life to art. For the right candidate, SMOKIN’ YOGI will serve as a strong reference for future undertakings in the world of media, providing a solid background in Film, Literature, and/or Communications. Interns will gain unique, hands-on experience in helping to create movies, books, as well as the vehicles that drive these products to the market. Further, for the truly outstanding candidates, permanent and semi-permanent part-time and full-time positions may become available.

All of our internships are very hands-off and self-directed. While we provide direction and structure, we are not micro-managers—we want our interns to realize their own potential through providing their unique input. We like motivated, creative thinkers who can blaze their own paths yet follow direction.

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • IT support
  • Writing & Editing

Please submit your resume, examples from your portfolio, if any are available, as well as a letter of interest, stating:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email address
  4. Phone
  5. Area of interest (i.e., Marketing/PR, Graphic/Web Design/IT Maintenance, Writing/Editorial)
  6. Your background in your particular area of interest
  7. Why you would like to join SMOKIN’ YOGI and what you can offer

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