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SMOKIN’ YOGI VISIONS is a Minneapolis-based production company dedicated to creating high-quality, unique, and forward-thinking film, literature, and communications.  Balancing a love of art with a passion for supporting women in commerce, SMOKIN’ YOGI creates products that are as meaningful as they are entertaining.

SMOKIN’ YOGI focuses on projects that offer the public an avenue to thoughtfully consider subjects that are prevalent everywhere, and yet remain taboo for many— divorce, mental illness, sexuality, money, etc.

Relational Shifts

Our newly-published book, Relational Shifts, A Family Doesn't Have To End Just Because A Marriage Does, details one such story. Co-authored by Smokin' Yogi Visions founder, Julie Rappaport, along with her former husband of 17 years and their teenage daughter, Relational Shifts narrates the family's personal story through each family member's unique voice. Relational Shifts is available in Twin Cities, Chicago, and L.A. Borders locations and through Amazon. See BOOKS for more information.

Penn State has recently expressed interest in integrating Relational Shifts into their Sociology curriculum!

Abnormally Normal

In addition, SMOKIN’ YOGI is creating a webseries called Abnormally Normal that parallels and highlights many of the issues discussed in the book, Relational Shifts. The demo-pilot for Abnormally Normal, “Just Breathe, Part I, She Says...” has been awarded a Fiscal Sponsorship by IFP MN, as an Independent Feature Project. Abnormally Normal had its premiere screening at the Swansea Bay Film Festival, Wales, UK, June, 2007. Please see FILM for more information.

SMOKIN’ YOGI values projects that develop unmentionable themes that offer the ability to create an open dialogue for discussion of difficult subjects.

SMOKIN’ YOGI is a fast growing company unique and creative opportunities with financial longevity. For more information, please contact us at Meet our team!

Happily Ever After?
Seven-minute documentary on the family, the book, and the show

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